“BDT” Beverage (Bulk) Delivery Truck

  • “Vertical Cart Storage” NO other carts on the market offer the ability to be stored upright when empty
  • Solid, integrated tongue-and-groove tube deck is the strongest and most durable on the market
  • Zero turning with 8” or 6” casters
  • Optional brakes and covers available

Our Objective: Facilitate the preselling function using a lift gate delivery system for multiple retail packages.

New Age Industrial “BDT” Beverage (Bulk) Delivery Trucks are true time savers! One BDT can handle the load capacity of seven hand trucks in just one trip. The load remains contained on the BDT during the servicing process – from check-in to unloading.

The unique, vertical folding cart feature allows the BDT carts to take up minimal storage space. Taking up the minimal amount of truck footprint space, the BDT carts allow for easy access for your next delivery.

“BDT” Beverage (Bulk) Delivery Truck